Guide to finding Indian food in Singapore

Guide to finding Indian food in Singapore

Every year Millions of people visit Singapore. The total people who have flown to Singapore this year is already more than 7.5 million. And my dear Indian friends contribute around 0.5 million to this figure which is huge (6.7%). And with the announcement of a direct flight between Chandigarh and Singapore by Air India’s low cost international brand “Air India Express” by early next year, I expect to see an increase in these numbers since Singapore is an amazing tourist destination offering fun for a person of every age.
Singapore gives you an outlook into how a country gives respect and manages an amalgamation of so many religions. How much it pays attention to cleanliness, how much people here are hardworking and honest, how you can just be carefree and walk, how the government has made the entire city wheelchair and old age friendly, every public transport station/bus with elevators and escalators, and how being despite a small city, you are seldom struck in traffic jam, and the list can go on and on. There are really so many small things to appreciate about.
I will write a  detailed post about Singapore later. Now I want to address to the food concerns. At the end of the day, good food means good day. And I will focus here on the good choice of Indian foods you can find in Singapore’s Little India area and around the popular tourist places. Indians and other people who like Indian food, might get few pointers 😉 Having said that, the food here is great. I would recommend you to try different cuisines in Singapore food courts and hawker centers. I often visit the Kopitam and food republic food courts as they are easy to be found inside malls and price is reasonable.
If your hotel is in Little India, definitely you will be spoiled by choices of Indian restaurants. Little India stands in the central area of Singapore and therefore is one of the most visited and crowded areas of Singapore. In fact you will feel like you are in an Indian city :p Sprawled around the big Mustafa Centre (a 24×7 buy anything store), and race course road, you will find plenty of restaurants. And in an situation like this, it becomes very difficult to choose one. I will recommend you the ones I liked, and visit often 😉 And I might have missed a few which are indeed good, but have not visited yet, in that case please give me your reviews to update this list 🙂 The list is biased more towards North Indian restaurants since that is the food I have grown up eating.

Restaurants near Little India

In order to reach here, if you are using MRT please get down at Little India or Farrer Park MRT. Farrer Park is more convenient if you want to try restaurants near the Mustafa centre along Syed Alwi Road while Little India is more convenient if you want to try the ones on Race Course Road. It does not take more than 10 minutes to walk from one to another. So its equally convenient to get down at either of them and explore the area walking. All the directions here

best indian restaurants in Singapore
The Little India area around the restaurants

Just a tip, please avoid visiting this area on Sunday especially after noon as its heavily crowded.

1. Kailash Parbat : This restaurant chain can be found all over the world. And it continues to provide justice to its glory. Two establishments – one along Serangoon and the other along Syed Alwi Road. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and  offers extensive choice of food. I have not tried the chats but the main course and other starter options are good. Never disappointed.
best indian restaurants in Singapore
The one along Syed Alwi Road
2. Copper Chimney : Another world famous restaurant chain. Situated along Syed Alwi Road. I have tried a few vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters and main course. Really good.
best indian restaurants in Singapore
Opposite to Mustafa centre, along the Syed Alwi road, you can spot all these restaurants
3. Jaggis : A typical homely flavored food. Situated along Chander Road. You can have kadi-pakoda, curry chicken, aloo-gobi, dal ,rajma (only on wednesday) etc, all typical dishes we find being cooked in our homes day to day. Pocket friendly and yummy.
4. Swaad : Another contestant in vegetarian but homely food is Swaad. The wife of owner herself prepares the food. This one lies near the Desker Road. Ambience is not very good, but you can get flavorsome Gujarati vegetarian food. They offer buffet options also @10S$ during weekdays. The price is a little more for dinner buffet.
5. Bikaner Express : They have recently renovated their place. A pure vegetarian restaurant and very yummy food. We tried kulcha sets and few other Main course gravies and all were good.
best indian restaurants in Singapore
On the far end of Syed Alwi Road
6. MTR : Little India has many restaurants like Ananda bhavan, Saravna bhawan etc packed with people. But MTR is best in terms of taste and hygiene. You can get typical South Indian set meals, the famous dishes like idli, dosa, vada etc. I often visit this place for weekend breakfast.
7. Kebabs and Curries : This one lies on the top floor of Mustafa Centre. To reach here please go inside Mustafa Centre, and take an elevator to level  R. I liked the non-vegetarian dishes here. The vegetarian main course was not of my liking.
best indian restaurants in Singapore
Enter from here, take the elevator and just go up to R floor
8. Broadway Food court : This one I am adding to the list because one of my friend who recently visited Singapore liked the food and his hotel was in close proximity to this food court along the Tyrwhitt road. At the end of the day when you are tired, and want to walk no further, you can walk to such food courts and find an Indian stall to have a satiating meal.
The Race course road has many famous, good rated restaurants like Anjappar, muthu’s curry , banana leaf Apollo and are always packed with local and foreign tourists. I don’t have my opinion as have not tried these places yet.
To add on, if you are visiting Bugis for shopping, its ideal to take an MRT or a bus and come to Little India. Because its hard to find vegetarian Indian food.

Indian food inside Universal Studios

Universal Studios is superb fun and equally tiring. And it is not easy to find in such a huge area a restaurant offering particular cuisine. So if you are visiting USS and want to enjoy vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, please go to the Egyptian world. You will see huge mummies 😀 And just opposite to the super exciting Egyptian roller coaster ride, you will see a restaurant. And this is the only place inside where you can get Indian meals.

best indian restaurants in Singapore
When you see this inside USS, means the place is nearby 🙂

Indian food near Clarke quay and China Town

If you have come to China Town for souvenir shopping or Clarke Quay for witnessing the Singapore night clubs, chances are you will struggle to find Indian food especially vegetarian option. You do have RAS – the essence of India in Clarke Quay, but I have not tried this and I am sure it is pricey given the hot location it resides on. But I can recommend you to visit Annalakshmi restaurant situated along the Havelock road. It is little hard to find, so I would suggest you to take a taxi and go. But before you plan to visit here, please get a reservation. You will not be welcomed without one. They serve pure vegetarian food, a mix of South and North Indian delicacies. The beautiful art works add to the ambiance. And the concept here is “pay as you like”. No one will come to you for bill. When you leave, you can handover as much as you want to give. 🙂
Check here for reservations
The beauty of Clarke Quay
The beauty of Clarke Quay

Indian food inside Zoo

You don’t have to pack your food along when you visit Zoo as there is a nice “Ah Meng Restaurant” inside. They have some different food stalls like Indonesian, Indian, western etc. So leave all your worries behind as Singapore is a place where you can find Indian restaurant everywhere , even inside a Zoo 🙂

Indian food at Sentosa

The Sentosa station 1 has food court with Indian stalls. While at station 3 you have a snack shop offering tea and pakoda (fritters). Mostly I take my lunch before leaving for Sentosa at Kopitam Food court in Vivo city mall at the exit of Harbour front MRT. Similarly after coming back from Sentosa I again visit this food court for the dinner. Or you can also go to Food republic court which is on the same level (Level 3 ) as you get Sentosa express from.
Both of these food courts have stalls offering Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
best indian restaurants in Singapore
Exit the Harbor front MRT and on your right you see this food court.

Indian food at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

You will definitely want to visit this beautiful luxury mall. Or you may also visit this mall if you want to go Casino or if you are visiting Gardens by the bay, this hotel is just minutes walk away. Now if you are looking for Indian food, food courts to your rescue again. The Rasapura Masters food court inside the mall, at Level B2#50 just beside the skating rink, offers variety of all regional cuisines. And you will be happy to find the Indian stall called Indian Express.

best indian restaurants in Singapore
The Food court inside MBS
 I have covered most of the places where typically a person on short visit to Singapore would go. However there are numerous other places here, which make you feel close to nature , which nobody would tell you to explore, and neither would you unless you have abundant of time to spend here. And definitely some of them are located on extreme ends of Singapore and its not easy to find favorable types of food types. In that case, please be prepared to carry packed food items. However, if food type doesn’t bother you, then you are good to go. No matter where you go, you will definitely see a food court sprawled up!

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