Must Remember – Best Travel Tips

Must Remember – Best Travel Tips

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Hey guys, I believe you enjoy reading the content we put up for you every weekend, and on our part we try our best to bring out the most original experiences we have over the course of our travels. Keep following us and you will not get disappointed, more over you can always provide us feedback on our content, we are still newbies 🙂 and hungry for your feedback. I am writing this article just to provide you some valuable travel tips to always keep in mind while planning a vacation, some tips are meant for certain geographies which are always good to know, while others are applicable no matter where you go, so lets give it a go 🙂

1. Buy Credit Cards offering you miles

If you travel frequently or even if you don’t I would always suggest to take the credit card which offers you miles based on the purchases you do, I personally use it and have collected plenty of miles till now, its a small step but always helps you in future to plan holidays 🙂

We plan to visit New Zealand only after we accumulate enough miles to get our tickets in free 😀

2. Get a Frequent Flyer Number

Always get a FF Number no matter what, else you will be loosing out on valuable miles, till you realize that you should have got one, what are the benefits you might ask, well a lot! let me list it down for you:
– You get miles which you can use in your future travels, its virtual travel money.
– If you earn sufficient miles with in one year you get access to airlines lounges, where you have access to unlimited drinks, food etc.
– You get priority boarding and priority luggage options which save a lot of time.

3. On-line Check in.

Lot of people forget to do it, and only at the last minute we realize and by that time its too late. It is important if you want your desired seat, like window, aisle specially if you are on long flights it is really important. Also for the places where you need Visa on arrival and have less patience 😀 , it is an advantage to have your seats in the front section of airplane, so you can alight fast, and rush to the queue and get your visa processed faster.

4. Pre-Book Low calorie Meals.

Now a days as people are travelling more, they are also becoming diet conscious, so people book low calorie meals, but most airlines if not mentioned vegetarian, will provide you a bland fish, which at least I cannot eat 🙂 So you should call the airline in advance to provide you a vegetarian low calorie meal, since web portals usually don’t specify that.

5. Carry Passport size photos,pens,handbooks.

An easily overlooked fact, these essential items always should be in your cabin bag, since you often need them for visa related formalities, saves money and time if you have them handy 🙂 Also want to remind to keep money in cabin baggage too 😀 Some people check-in their money, and later unable to buy food or other essential items.

6. Sufficient Foreign Currency at the end of holiday

Always have sufficient amount of currency with you, even when you are going back, you never know you might need it. While going back in some countries you might have to pay administrative taxes like we had to pay airport fees in Philippines, of around 750PHP per head, and to add to that cash was the only mode of payment. I had exhausted my cash so I had to pay in SGD which after conversion was more than what I would have paid in local currency. God knows what we would have done if we did not even have SGD 😀

7. Car Rentals and Local transport.

If you are travelling to US, then always take car rental as its cheap and much more handy since in US the public transport is not so convenient. But If you are travelling to Europe, cabs and rentals are expensive, but the public transport in most European cities is excellent. So get a weekly or monthly buss/metro pass, a map and you are good to go!

While traveling within European countries you will always get cheaper options to travel, I have made a list you
can refer:
– Ryanair(Low cost airline)
– Vueling(Low cost airline)
– Megabus(Available in EU and UK also,very cheap buses)
– Student Agency(Buses or Trains)
Low budget Travelers will greatly benefit from these services.

8. Book attraction tickets in advance

While planning your travel to any country where you intend to do sightseeing, museum hopping, visit famous tours, amusement parks, always book online in advance, this will save you the disappointment of missing out,  saving you a lot of time by beating the queue, and some times online options have cheaper tickets or deals.Always plan beforehand, trust me you will benefit a lot. Also don’t wait until the very last moment to book your online tickets, because some attractions have visit time slots, if you don’t hurry all the slots will be gone.

I still remember how much angry I was when I could not visit the famous Sagrada Familia church during my holiday to Barcelona. The queue was very long and I had shortage of time since I had to catch my return bus. Later I realized this disappointment could have been averted by letting my laziness to use cellphone go and book the online tickets 😀

9. Use the offline google maps

I recommend to download the Offline Google map for the area you want to visit. It is a very handy tip as you don’t need to rely on data connection, or asking people for directions. The offline Google map works as good as you one you use with a data connection. This is the first thing I do whenever I visit a new place, and I am able to find all my restaurants, shopping spots, other attractions with ease.

I recall that I even used my offline map inside the Palace of Versailles in Paris. The palace gardens are so huge and mesmerizing that I lost my way back :p To add another sub tip, good to have a power bank too :-p

10. Carry Basic Medicines along with you.

Always carry basic medicines like for cough-cold, headache, pain etc along with you if you are travelling to European countries since you will not get medicines easily. Plus you need to take doctors appointment which can get a bit costly.

11.Restaurant Tipping Tips.

Although its pretty known but I would still iterate regarding tips in different countries, In US you if you visit a restaurant
you need to give tip,being a professional service industry they expect tips, usually 15-20 percent of the bill amount if you are
satisfied. In Europe, there is no trend of tipping, I have lived in Paris for 2 years, never I have given any tips, you are not
expected to give tips there.In Asia, lot depends on the countries but you can expect good treatment from the staff even if you don’t tip.

These are the tips we have compiled until now. But we will keep on adding more as we learn from our travels 🙂

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