Learning the French Pastries

During my month long stay in Paris for my work, weekends would always be marked by opportunity to visit a new place, meet friends, go shopping or try hand at a new skill. And everyone knows for fact that nothing can match French pastry skills, therefore I decided to go for some French pastry making classes.

I did some Internet research and booked a slot at La Cuisine Paris. I registered for two of the classes “Le Croissant & Breakfast Pastries” and “Advanced Macaron class”. Both the classes were absolutely amazing.

I want to start with the location of this cute cooking school. Close proximity to “Hotel de Ville” metro station and beautifully located along the river Seine. Everybody inside right from reception girls, to our teachers, the kitchen helpers are super friendly. At the end of the class, they will let you know about the famous French Patisseries, best shops to buy cooking utensils,ingredients and will answer almost every touristy question you shoot.

Going through their classes is an amazing experience because you get to do everything hands on. The amazing feeling at the end after you see, smell and taste your pastries is unmatched. And our teacher was super duper cool and knowledgeable. She taught us many little details that go into making a perfect pastry, chemistry behind all the techniques and various tips to avoid the pastry going wrong. I could never resist eating Croissants and pain au chocolat every morning in Paris. There is something magical about this country which makes coffee and a breakfast pastry even more tempting than aloo paranthas 😉 😀 So learning and making them myself is the best choice for me as sadly I could never find these pastries in Singapore which are even tiny bit close to the real taste.

Pan au chocolat
Freshly baked Pan au chocolat
Freshly baked Croissants

For the “Macaron making” class my inspiration was to avoid having to buy from Paris airport every time I fly. I have tasted very delicious Macarons in Singapore also, but then again I wanted to learn because nothing beats the happiness of eating which comes after baking 😉

Well the class was quite informative as we learned the two Meringue making techniques – Italian and French. And I still cannot forget those lustrous colorful Macaron shells with variety of tasty fillings. We were taught four different types of French fillings. At the end, we got to eat and take over home all the remaining Macarons which in itself is a delight 😉

I am sure these photos are going to out a smile on your faces.

Puff Pastry Dough
Puff Pastry Dough
pan au chocolat
pan au chocolat ready to be baked
croissants getting their shiny makeup
french pastries
Coffee party with french pastries
Baked Macarons before doing the filling

If you have an ample time in Paris, are fond of baking, and love eating these pastries, I would definitely recommend a class or two. Honestly, I enjoyed more in Croissant class as I was able to meet many sweet people and befriend them. Each person in the class was from a different country which made interacting even more fun. After the class, some of us went together shopping and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.

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