A weekend away from Singapore : Kuala Lumpur Unpacked

Serendipity, it happened to be during a short weekend trip from Singapore to Ulu Slim river & Kuala Lumpur. We made this trip primarily for two reasons, wanted to get out of Singapore for the weekend and do some grueling physical activity.

Day 1

We went along with one meetup group itchy travel feet (around 11 of us). We had a very action packed itinerary,  you can find it at the end of the blog. We started midnight from Singapore to slim river town of Malaysia in a mini bus, the journey length is about 5-6.5 hours, our driver was in such a haste that we reached in around 5 hours 🙂

Early morning we reached at the designated spot. We had to wait for the rafting crew to arrive. Meanwhile we spent some time clicking pictures with the river on the back. Later the crew arrived, did usual formalities of signing the waiver forms etc. After that they took us for a 40 minutes 4WD off road drive to reach the rafting spot, the  instructors were already waiting for us, they briefed us regarding the signs we have to follow for rafting, slim river is actually very slim in between, due to this there are some good rapids for rafting. We did rafting for around 3 hours and it was good amount of exercise and fun!! At the end they surprise you by overturning the raft in the river and you can have a cool swim 🙂
Floating in the water whilst staring the clear sky amidst the maze of trees is absolutely reviving.

Rafting in Ulu River
Flurrying through the Slim River

Next up after getting some fuel, tired but still excited, we headed for Kuala Lumpur, around 1 hour journey from ULU slim river town. We reached our hotel Amigo, in China Town of KL. Hotel was a budget hotel, It cost around 30 SGD per night.We just took some rest and straight away headed for  sightseeing.KL initially was really underrated in our minds, but to our surprises we had stupendous time there, weather was good, and the city is lively, its a perfect escape from routine Singapore life.

Tip: You can take the pink bus service in KL (go-KL) they are totally free, and cover major tourist attractions of KL, you can find more information and detailed routes here.
We visited the magnificent KL Petronas towers at KLCC, can’t ignore them, they are a landmark 🙂 Next we came back to Butik Bintang, in search for snacks and some shopping, to our surprise the market was full of middle eastern restaurants. Would strongly recommend trying out Seesha in Naab restaurant, with pickles 😉 After spending a pleasant evening we decided to head back to Chinatown and look for some souvenirs and low cost stuff. In Chinatown of KL you can actually find a lot of cheap stuff plus you can bargain, unlike Singapore Chinatown 🙂 Market is quite huge. Later we stumbled upon a Reggae bar, nice ambiance, lot of variety of drinks, average food but overall the vibe of the place was lively, Arushi and me had fun there, but it was a bit on expensive side

Petronas Towers kissing the sky
Petronas Towers kissing the sky
Bukit Bintang, KL
Dragons are born :p

In a nutshell it was a fun night at KL, especially when you are burned out from Work, KL can be a good stress buster for the weekend

Day 2

Next day, we headed to Batu caves, which has a Hindu Temple, these caves have  a back side which is famous for rock-climbing, being a climbing enthusiast I decided to go for rock climbing first, then later visit the temple, It was first time rock climbing experience for Arushi, and to my surprise she did pretty well,
everybody cheered her alot. The heat at that place was intense so the climbing activity got a bit tiring, but it was worth it.

Batu caves rock climbing KL
Climbing up and up

After intense workout from the climbing we headed to the Batu caves temple, we were famished so we did some stomach worship first before the actual worship 😀 , had south Indian Idly and Dosa, you have all the pure vegetarian restaurants nearby temple. After having lunch we went to the temple, its quite a flight of stairs (around 272), with monkeys running around everywhere. Inside the caves in the middle you will see the beautiful temple, not to mention the giant statue of lord Murugan stands proudly at 42.7 meters right outside of Batu Caves Its really breathtaking. After paying our visit we left back for Singapore, reached around 9 PM.

Hindu Deity Temple at Batu Caves
Lord Murugan Statue at Batu caves
KL skyline as seen from Batu caves
KL skyline as seen from Batu caves

Lots of things packed in a short schedule, but every moment was worth it! A very balanced trip indeed.

Detailed itinerary of the trip:

Day 1
0030Hrs – Start from SGP
0700Hrs – Breakfast stop
0900Hrs – Arrive Kampung Ulu Slim. Proceed to Kuala Tibang on an off-road journey by 4WD. It will be a 40-minute drive there (depending on track condition)
1030Hrs – The adventure begins! The run will take about 2.5 hours – 3 hours depending on group size and water volume.
1300Hrs (Approx) Arrival at the “Take Out” point at Kampung Pos Berseh. From here rafters will be transferred back by 4WD to the base-camp at
Kampung Ulu Slim (a 10 minute journey). Shower and change at the base-camp.
1400Hrs – Depart for Kuala Lumpur

Day 2
0800Hrs – Breakfast
0900Hrs – Check-out, Depart for Batu Caves
1000Hrs – Explore Batu caves (Free & easy)/Rock climbing
1500Hrs – Lunch
1600Hrs – Depart for Singapore

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