Gunung Lambak , Malaysia

After a week overloaded with work, me and my husband decided to plan a short getaway. We wanted to go for some physical and exerting activity. We had already applied for a Malaysian visa (easy for Indians working in Singapore to get a Malaysian visa with long validity)

We looked for some local groups going for a one-day hiking, and finalized to go to our first ever Malaysian journey to Mount Lambak, a small mountain with summit being 510m above sea level. As small things come in big packages, don’t under estimate this mountain by looking at the height level.

So we started from Singapore early morning in a private coach, and after completing all immigration procedures, reached the base around 10am. It did not take more than 2 hours for us to ascend. However there were some in the group, who quit halfway, and others who had to take multiple pauses in between to reach the summit.

The hike is quite steep, consisting of areas where you have to crawl up, use the ropes to pull yourself up. After 30 minutes into the hike, we could experience that fast heartbeat, and heat exploding out of our bodies. After reaching the summit, we stopped a while, to eat some packed snacks. My tea lover husband had brought Masala Tea with him in a flask, the fragrance of Indian spices from tea attracted attention of many local people there. Those with bananas got rewarded by extreme attention from monkeys.

lambak groupp

The view from summit is nothing special. The descend usually is faster, and we reached back in about 50 minutes. It felt great after completing the hike, and I would recommend it to be a good place for those training themselves to scale the tougher ones.

After that we arrived Bukit Indah, with a monstrous appetite. Being die hard fans of Korean flavors, we both jumped to a Korean restaurant. The day ended with some shopping, and then heading back to Singapore with satisfaction of eating without guilt :p After all, at the end its all about food.

Pros : close to Singapore, provides basic training for beginners
Cons : nothing special about top view

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    1. Honest you mean with the part about tea?:-) thanks alot for your lovely comment, will keep on sharing more honest experience:-)

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